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23 Jan 2018

Changing affordable housing rules will kill off SME developers, warns Aston Mead

Leading land broker Aston Mead Land & Planning says a change to the rules on affordable housing for smaller sites would have a devastating effect on the very business the Government is trying to support.

18 Dec 2017

Aston Mead welcomes newt test pilot

Leading land broker Aston Mead has welcomed the arrival of a new test devised by Natural England, which can detect the DNA of great crested newts in ponds and streams.

27 Nov 2017

Forcing people to sell land for below market value is unreasonable and unworkable, says Aston Mead

 Leading land broker Aston Mead Land & Planning has hit back at a theory that landowners should be forced to sell potential building plots to councils at drastically reduced rates, in the event of compulsory purchase by the state.

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