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    Aston Mead welcomes new housing targets for wealthy areas

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    Leading land broker Aston Mead Land & Planning has welcomed the announcement from the Government that councils in wealthy rural areas will be forced to increase their housing targets.

    Communities Secretary Sajid Javid announced last week that some of the most sought-after parts of the country will be the specified location for additional new homes, to help tackle the housing crisis.

    Director Charles Hesse said; “It’s only fair that communities that have benefited from rising property prices now play their part in solving the housing shortage. These parts of the country are sought-after for good reason – and that’s because people already want to live here.

    “So this is a fantastic opportunity to create quality new developments, complete with gardens and designated green spaces, where people flock to buy because the homes are so attractive, and which have been specially designed to protect the appeal of the towns and villages in which they are situated.”

    The proposals mean that councils are expected to be asked to commission assessments of the amount of housing and of what type is needed in their area. They will then use the results to inform the housing target in the local plan, which sets out where new homes can be constructed. The target will be reassessed every five years. This new method of calculating housing need is expected to result in increases of up to 25% in housing forecasts in the Home Counties.

    Charles Hesse added: “Those of us fortunate to live in wealthy areas need to accept that, for many, housing is particularly difficult to afford. The only way in which we can change that is to accept more homes being built nearby.”

    But Charles Hesse also highlighted the importance of ensuring that suitable infrastructure was in place before any construction work was carried out.

    He explained: “Such a vision for the right kind of mass house-building programme is all very well. But it’s absolutely crucial that consideration is also given to creating all the additional roads, school and doctors’ surgeries that will be needed. Without these essential aspects, any attempt at constructing new communities is simply doomed to fail.”